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  •        The creation of
       modern ergonomics

                 Sit or stand at work with one touch of a button.

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  • Collaboration is the key to success

    The Mov series of collaborative furniture is a unique hybrid of “me-space” and “we-space”.

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  • Duelle Personality

    Double the colour, twice the fun.
    There are two sides to everything.
    Play with colours to blur the lines between work and play in the office.

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  • Work flows with Aeria

    With a supple mesh at both the back and seat, Aeria enhances air flow and doubles the comfort. Experience the simple pleasure of a chair so comfortable, you may even start to take it for granted.
    Stay cool, stay productive.

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    Benel Aeria Full Mesh Chair
  • Work without boundaries

    Openo offers a flexible, dynamic space for communication to flow and creativity to thrive.

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  • Evolution of
    poise and simplicity

    Simplicity rules. Function matters. So does comfort.
    Evo delivers on all three counts.
    Minimal pretensions, maximum charm.

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From focus work to dynamic team collaborations, we have designs to suit your personal or professional needs at work.
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Designed for rest as well as work, see how our collection caters to today’s diverse office environments.
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  • Updated system furniture collection 2 months ago
    For the past 2 years, we have expanded our capabilities to include system furniture as well. Check out our Workspaces Catalog for more information.

Our Recent Projects

Benel Project Image
A global manufacturer of medical devices and technologies for the healthcare industry with more than six years of presence locally was seeking to expand their premises. Our furniture was stringently assessed by their global procurement team for build quality and strength before being selected for the project. We worked closely with the company and their appointed project management firm to create workspaces that were practical and efficient. Furniture supplied include general workstations, managerial cubicles, directors’ sets and office chairs.