Absolute smartness. The Abay is able to bring out the texture and colour of any fabric selection with its solid black metal base. With uncomplicated, sleek lines, the Abay is complementary to nearly any office setting. Create a varied yet consistent look by pairing it with Bay as they share the same body.

For utility: match with a simple coffee table.

Pair Abay with its own table on the same solid black or stainless steel base to create an impeccable modern setting.

Black or Silver for a classy look

Customize your lounge seating with a Brilliant black or polished stainless steel base. Refined and professionally sculptured with clean lines and workmanship, Bay will be an exquisite addition to any office setting.

A family of sizes for any setting

The Abay comes in one or two seater options. Mix and match any of these options according to your space or design requirements.

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