Joie Hive Meeting Booth

For open and informal sharing, talk it out, or simply chill, on a sofa as comfortable as your own. For more privacy and formal meetings, settle into the thoughtfully designed meeting booths. Surrounded by acoustic panels for visual and audio privacy, you can also employ a screen on the media wall to facilitate presentations and discussions.

Joie Hive Meeting Booth
Joie Hive Meeting Booth
Joie Hive Meeting Booth
Joie Hive Meeting Booth
Meeting Booth for Privacy
For greater privacy and formal meetings, settle into a thoughtfully-designed hexagonal meeting booth. The media wall allows a screen to be mounted to facilitate presentations and discussions.
Yes, clutter-free.
Efficient cable management ensures a productive conversation. Cables can be run and concealed effortlessly.
Lighten up!
Pick from 4 different frame colours, including our unique copper orange which can bring more warmth to your workplace!
Enjoy a delightful workspace.
For greater harmony between concentration and collaboration.
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