A modern style sofa with serious and meticulous attention to detail.  The polished stainless steel support with an elevated seating area makes the Mauri look like a sculpture floating in space; a distinctive work of art. With its crisp and clean cut lines, the Mauri is complementary to nearly any office setting.

Complete the look with a matching coffee table

Pair Mauri with its own table on the same stainless steel base to create an impeccable modern setting.

A touch of charm

Synthetic leather or fabric, it’s your choice. Choose Mauri in synthetic leather upholstery to add a touch of class, or fabric upholstery for a refreshing look. The Mauri looks charming either way.

A family of sizes for any setting

The Mauri comes in one or two-seater options. Mix and match any of these options according to your space or design requirements.

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