Livework Mobile Table

Create a space that works for you! The Livework Mobile provides a flexible option for active and collaborative work. Perform your tasks individually or configure different layouts to create a variety of work settings, perfect for brainstorming sessions.


Livework Mobile Table
Livework Mobile Table
Livework Mobile Table
On Common Grounds.
When inspirations buzz in during a spur of the moment, Livework Mobile is your ideal solution for any office space that requires flexibility for spontaneous meeting sessions.
Move It Around
Gather these mobile tables for a large group celebration, or disperse them for smaller team activities. Lock the table in position once you find a comfortable place or the perfect view to work with.
Electrify Your Day
A friendly power rail keeps you at ease wherever you are working from. Never worry about losing your work mid-way with these power sources right at your fingertips.
Creativity Soar
Move away from the stereotype! Fall in love with our midnight blue or create a unique style through the varied Livework palette. Uplift your workspace with a fresh burst of energy!
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