Livework Workstations

Livework welcomes you at your workplace with a visual landscape that conveys warmth and community. Deploy the most suitable configuration for your office space, balanced with a diversified palette of finishes, and perfected with acoustic panels and desk accessories.

Livework Workstations
Livework Workstations
Livework Workstations
Livework Workstations
Livework Workstations
Livework Workstations
Acoustic Panels
Eliminate sound and visual distractions with acoustic panels. Available in 3 colours – Nude, Light Grey, Dark Grey – integrate these functional yet aesthetically pleasing panels to complement your workstations.
Organising Module
Be it your stationeries or digital devices, keep them in place with the organising counter exclusively designed for the Livework series. Never lose sight of things again as they stay right where they belong.
Colour Code
Livework Series introduces exciting colours such as the Living Green. It flaunts the fairy-tale marriage with newly launched wooden legs to create a warm and cosy setting that is your home away from home.
Clutter Free Desk
An aluminium flip-up that gives the perfect cover to those unsightly coils of cables attached to all the devices you are working on.
A Safe Place
Need more power? This robust cable tray beneath the flip-up ensures your extensions are conveniently placed and secured.
Reliable Power
The wire riser is unmistakably the central support that secures your workstations and connects power sources.
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