MiMAX Series

Mimax offers a flexible solution to creating workplaces that reflect your organisation’s unique character and supporting the needs of your people.​ From enclosed spaces where you can focus on your work to collaborative spaces where the team can gather, Mimax offers limitless options for the functional support and aesthetic expression.

MiMAX Series
Integrated storages to maximize space
Many integrated storage options are available to maximize space for each workstation. Pick and choose from under-table cabinets, pedestals that fit snugly under desks or overhead storages to suit your needs.​
Ease of reconfiguration
Panels of different finishes are connected effortlessly. You can re-design and upgrade existing MiMAX configurations easily as your workspace needs grow.​
Mix and match
Create just the look you want by pairing worktops with a selection of bases made from different materials.​
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