Stay cool in the Kontuur Air, the chair that clinches the treble.

Enjoy thrice the satisfaction with the Kontuur Air, an ergonomic chair at the top of its game. All the essential components are here for the picking: solid support for your back, a flexible and cooling mesh seat, as well as a 100% movable height-adjustable backrest.


A big hit: Height-adjustable backrest.

Try it to believe it. The entire backrest is height-adjustable, a first for Benel, with its full mesh and padded parts moving as one to provide sturdy support for various positions of your back. With more room for adjustment than usual, you’ll score the winning point with the most accurate positioning. 

Control your game with adjustable seat depth.

When you adjust the seat depth, you provide for sufficient support on your thighs. The improvement in comfort is especially pronounced when you are on the taller side, or if your legs are longer than average. This crucial feature may often be overlooked, but once you’ve tried it, it’s hard to turn back. 

Be the captain of your chair.

The Kontuur Air comes with two options: one with a headrest, and one without. The comfortably padded headrest is fixed and moves together with the height-adjustable backrest. Since it’s a matter of preference, and our body shapes are unique, try it to see which works better for you. 

Maximum breathability.

Mesh seats are a godsend in our tropical humidity, and especially if you don’t wish to rely on air-conditioning. Our mesh is reminiscent of sports technology with its high-strength and flexibility fibres so you can enjoy targeted support and stretch together with maximum breathability and coolness. 

The ball (or chair) is in your court.

Get the head start you need with Kontuur. Contact us and feel the difference Kontuur Air can make.

Kontuur Air Highback Series

Kontuur Air Midback Series

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