Adjust Series (W1500 x D750)

Working on an adjustable table is the healthiest way to work. Getting out of your chair for short standing breaks throughout the day can reduct strain on your back while ensuring productivity.


or 3 payments of $300.00 with


*Please note that the prices do not include accessories for wire and cable management. 

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The creation of modern ergonomics.

Getting out of your chair for short standing breaks throughout the day can reduce strain on your back while ensuring productivity goes on at the workplace. Adjust allows you to change your posture frequently and effortlessly.


Convenient Digital Control Switch
Clear digital display with four programmable memory settings and customisable upper and lower height limits.
Seamless Cable Management
Built-in flip-up cover for easy access to power points tucked away neatly below the table top.
Effortless Wire Management
Specially designed for stand-alone desks, the flexible cable snake holds up to six cables to meet a multitude of needs.


Telescopic Height Adjustment
Table height can be adjusted between 640mm to 1280mm (+/- 10mm) in a quick, smooth transition to accommodate most user heights.
Extendable Table Frame
The table frame accommodates table-top widths ranging from 1200mm to 1800mm (+/-10mm)


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