Filio Series

Want to revel in luxurious full leather yet dislike the bulky image associated with leather chairs? With its sleek svelte profile, the Filio will beckon you to take your place in the comfort of full leather. A formal seating with multiple uses. Suitable for managers and executives or in a conference or board room setting.

Filio Series
Filio Series
Filio Series
Filio Series
Filio Series
The design detail matters.
Generous Seating
Increased dimensions of the generous seat offer individuals with larger physiques more comfort without any compromise on stability.
Leather Armrests
Classic and sleek design elements are melded together with comfortable leather. The ring arms position arms and shoulders at comfortable and relaxed angle to prevent unwanted tiredness and unnatural postures.
Aluminium Diecast Base
The sleek reflective aluminium and matte black polypropylene capping creates contrasting tones to complement a modern office environment. Sleek reflective base is designed for providing structure and stability.
Proportion matters!
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