Judge Series

Let your ambition speak louder than words. Like its name suggests, the Judge is a symbol of prestige and authority while affording utmost comfort. The luxurious seat and high backrest provides essential structural stability and support. Best suited for high-powered corporate executives.

Judge Series
Judge Series
Judge Series
Judge Series
Judge Series
Judge Series
The design detail matters.
High Backrest
Extended back support for enhanced posture and perfect angle. Developed to portray a high-powered authority image and a comfortable finish to allow for prolonged sitting and reduced fatigue.
Leather Armrests
Designed for pristine style and comfort with classic and sleek design elements in leather. Refined corporate style for enhanced comfort and feel to position arms and shoulders at comfortable and relaxed angle.
Backrest Lock
Lock your chair in an upright or reclined position simply by twisting the lever. Unlock and lean back in your chair to relieve pressure in the lower back.
Proportion matters!
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