Kontuur Series

The first Benel chair to have a fully height-adjustable backrest, Kontuur provides crucial support for all the different positions of your back. You also get a wider range of adjustment, which means more precise positioning to achieve your ideal level of comfort.

Kontuur Series
Kontuur Series
Kontuur Series
Kontuur Series
Kontuur Series
Kontuur Series
Comfortable curves, solid support.

Indulge in the comfort and padding of an upholstered cushion seat, which strikes exactly the right balance between firm support and gentle softness. Ergonomic chairs can be as nurturing as your couch, as long as you pick the right one.

The design detail matters.
Multiple-Angle Backrest Lock
Lean back in your chair to relieve pressure in the lower back. Lock your chair in an upright or multiple reclined positions by simply turning the knob.
Height-Adjustable Backrest
The entire backrest is height-adjustable,  a first for Benel, with mesh and padded backrests parts moving as one to provide sturdy support for various positions of your back.
Seat Depth Adjustment
An often overlooked yet crucial feature for an ergonomic chair, seat depth adjustment makes the difference between good and excellent.
Proportion matters!
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