Supreme Series

Built with finesse and an eye for design, the Supreme conveys a touch of class and thrives to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Its rounded contours and aluminium die-cast base complement the minimalist and contemporary look of the modern office setting.

Supreme Series
Supreme Series
Supreme Series
Supreme Series
Supreme Series
The design detail matters.
Backrest Lock
Lock your chair in an upright or reclined position simply by twisting the lever. Unlock and lean back in your chair to relieve pressure in the lower back.
Tension Control
Individualised adjustable settings for controlling tension, tension control helps users function better through its shock absorption properties and enhanced support features for prolonged use and sustained seating. Adjust the amount of back resistance according to your weight and preference.
Designed to provide superior comfort to fit individual arm length and height. Positions arms and shoulders at comfortable and relaxed angle to prevent unwanted tiredness and unnatural postures. Helps develop better seating posture.
Proportion matters!
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