Zein Series

With an intuitive design and moulded seat back, Zein maximises good posture by providing firm support to the back, particularly to the lumbar and pelvis. Comfort is enhanced with the ergonomic features available. The glossy L-shaped capping on the back rest ups the sophistication factor of the chair.

Zein can be configured with different bases to suit your needs.

Zein Series
Zein Series
Zein Series
Zein Series
The design detail matters.
Backrest Lock
Lock your chair in an upright or reclined position and enjoy the best experience ever. Unlock and lean back in your chair to relieve pressure in the lower back.
For easy storage, maintenance and convenient set-up according to specific needs. Allows for quick set-up and storage for faster arrangement. This space-saving function is suitable for a variety of venues.
Base Options
Select from our wide range oh chairs to suit your personal or professional needs at work.
Proportion matters!
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